Wine Cellar or Wine Chiller ?

A wine storage has become an essential part of a modern home. It adds to the wow factor, besides the convenient storage and service. Further it adds value to your home in more ways than one. However the crucial question that needs to be answered is – do you need a :-

  1. Wine Cellar
  2. Wine Chiller
  3. Wine Display
  4. Combination of above.

Wine cellar, usually with a large capacity of 150+ bottles is for long term storage for your precious bottles and is climate controlled for this. Of late we have also seen wine cellars with part climate control and part ambient . In BartechCo we specialise in wine cellar design and fabrication keeping the various factors in mind for the peculiarities of Middle East climate and our observations are based on current trends in this market only.

Wine chillers are more compact and a single or dual temperature control (however for custom made ones, it is usually single zone). These are more in style of cabinets and can be shifted around as required. They usually hold wines ready to serve.

Wine display on the other hand is not temperature control and is ambient and the focus is more on design and display – like as a room divider or converting a dead corner. The standard ambient temperature keeps the wine okay to a certain extent however not ideal.

A combination of above is used at times for larger spaces .

Do keep in mind the cost factor – a climate controlled unit is likely to cost you 40% or more due to the insulation required in the metal, glass and of course the equipment to keep the right temperature and humidity for the perfect glass of wine.

It is best to have a budget in mind and some reference images and use a local company to get the right feedback and right price.

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