Home Renovation & Wine Cellar – Dubai – The New Trend

Compared to previous years, there has been a spurt of home renovation projects across Dubai, driven by two factor. Number one being new home owners who were smart to invest during the down market with excellent deals, and more importantly, number two being that most old houses across thee city need upgrades to match contemporary housing trends and fetch higher prices.

This has been the most important factor propelling a surge of renovations in the Dubai property market.

A custom made wine cellar or a bespoke wine cabinet has become somewhat of a must have in the contemporary scenario. It addresses the needs of home entertainment and hosting – a change we have noted since Covid struck and pushed entertaining and socialising back into our homes.

It’s also commonly known that wine cellars in a residence add a significant amount of value to the property – more so if the cellar is climate controlled. As the investment compared to the long usability of the cellar is very low, these units have an essential part of any villa or apartment.

The size of the cellar you build isn’t as important as how the cellar blends aesthetically with the rest of your interior work. A wine cellar is very different from a bottle cooler or fridge – in price, material and longevity. Simple considerations such as the type of stainless steel or wood, the type of coating, fingerprint resistant and the sound of the CCU (climate control unit) can make a considerable difference to the price.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that the wine cellar often comes as an afterthought, which can lead to unnecessary adjustments and delays.It is best practice to plan for a wine cellar during renovation or building planning – you can then be assured of a glove-in-hand fit with your home. Other considerations to keep in mind include drainage requirements, electrical supply points and other possible accommodations on top of the finished ceiling.

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