How are our bars different?

There are many and many businesses that are making bars also – for home and commercial. Well it is the “also”… among many other things. That is the major point that differentiates us. We dream bars and design and fabricate them – the full process with all the technical knowhow that comes pouring from our partners and feedback from the trade and bar users.

We specialise in natural stone bars. Well it is different and very difficult to work with as  a moment of carelessness can damage a whole slab costing thousands of dollars. However the feel the exotic experience inn a abr can only come from a natural stone finish.

We make sure out bars require the least maintenance or no maintenance. Starting from the hinges,coasters to the LED all are oof top quality long lasting.

Compromise is not a word in our dictionary as we love what we do and want each and every unit to portray our workmanship.

And yes we use reconstructed wood which is moisture resistant as bars will have spills.

All in all getting the technical aspects right and  custom made for You- you can enjoy a close company of people in your bar or have a party for 100 people with equal ease and comfort- the bars from BartechCo are there to set the right mood.

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