Custom Bespoke Wine Cellar the Order Process

Creating fabulous wine cellars is a passion for us and we work towards making your dream come true. The most forgotten element by potential wine cellar owners is the after sales service – based in UAE we are the only company who not only offers the most competitive priced wine cellars but are a call away. For us service is as important as our cellars.


We gather your ideas, designs and check the dimensions of the space allocated. Depending on the complexity of the project we might need a site visit.


On the basis of the information gathered and your design expectations and your budget we check on the possible workable designs. We send you the quotes for approval. Please note it is very important to have your budget in mind as otherwise the possibilities are endless. We usually are able to to send you our offers within 72 hours – however this may vary due to overload at times.


Once you approve of the quote and the deposit is paid we go ahead with the design. This takes some time and we work on 2D models till you are satisfied and our technical team confirms that all aspects are covered. Then we go in for a 3D model which gets your final approval. This phase can take from 2 weeks to 5 depending on the complexity.

Production – REVIEW & Delivery

Hold tight – your unit goes into production – we may get in touch with you if further site visits are required or if site work is involved at this stage. This phase can be between 8 weeks to 14 weeks or more depending on the scope of work. One of the most important aspects is the Review – this is a point by point checking and rechecking of all the aspects of the unit with reference to the approved design. 


And finally the installation – for cabinet style cellars it is done within 2-3 days other on site projects will take comparatively more time. Once it is done we handover the unit and show all the functions along with basic maintenance techniques.

Follow Up

We do not leave it at that, we follow up with weekly visits for 4 weeks followed by monthly visits for next 6 months. (Not applicable for small cellars, in which case we take your feedback online) We ensure you have peace of mind – and if you need us any time just message us on our number +971509882363 and you can be assured of a response with minutes during working hours. 

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