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The difference between others and and us is that we are dedicated professionals for last three decades in the f&b business. We do not offer consultancy – that is without any commitment – ours is a service and you pay for results .We offer you the following services :-

1. Is your outlet making loss ? – we will make an initial assessment identifying the possible reasons – make a practical estimate if anything can be done to reverse the process. One page report – cost ? Free. If you would like to avail of our services after that we sign an agreement of performance .

2. You are planning in opening a new f&b outlet. We can do the market research – planning to execution including staff recruitment and training .

3. Inventory Control – Are you interested in assigning an external provider to handle your bar controls and inventory – we handle that .

4. Kitchen & Bar Design – Leave the nitty gritty to us . We also do concepts suitable for your ideas.

5. Procurement – Outsourcing your purchases for start up or running projects helps not only reduce lot of overheads but can help you reduce your f&b costs . Let us assess your system to suggest the best way. Covers all f&b equipment and foodstuff.

Our team consists of experienced professionals from the hotel and restaurant industry , leisure retail and supermarket chains . 

We justify any expense on us – we understand your need – if we can help we charge you otherwise we do not charge for just talking -Beware – you might find us blunt to the point.Contact Us Now – You got nothing to lose



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