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Ice Cube Maker - Bell Shaped Cubes

$1,378.85 USD

C model indicates a bell-shaped ice with a hexagon hole. Our Spray models come in large capacities with Storage. Master Frost produces icemaker of 350Kgrs/24hrs with ice bin storage as one unit. No need to be charged for extra storages… Our Spray system icemakers work with a unique way gaining the following advantages over competition. This relies onto an extra condenser we call it Heat exchanger. It is actually a Tube tank holding fresh water in every cycle. During harvest time the compressor’s high pressure first pass through the tube thus water is heating and same time absorbs heat from compressor…

Advantages of our system:

1. Efficiency increased up to 40%

2. Energy saving up to 35%. The icemaker can save daily up to 180minutes of current consumption for the nominal production or more.

3. Compressor’s increase of efficiency (C.O.P increased).

4. Compressor’s increase of lasting time (more life time)

5. Icemakers capable to work in Ambient Temp up to +43Celsius (110Fahrenheit). A Hybrid of water-cooled and air cooled icemakers without the loss in water as happen to the water-cooled icemakers. Lastly our Spray models can be used for hard water territories due the sophisticated spray nozzles bar. The plastic nozzles we use are a mix of Food Safe plastics preventing the quick formation of limes. However, when is time to decaling or clean the unit we recommend our customers having an extra nozzle bar and change it while the other can be cleaning treated. In the meantime, your icemaker will work without loss of time for cleaning. Ask the extra discount for the second set … Changing the nozzle bar requires no technical knowledge can be done by the end user and you will need only 15seconds for changing.

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