Planning to get your home bar counter? Eight things to consider.

We have been building home bars and commercial bars for last 20 years. As covid hit the universe, the entertainment location shifted from the pubs and bars to homes and backyard gardens. This propelled a new and growing need for bar counters and bar setups inside houses and outdoors – usually next to pool or in the garden. We have compiled the most important points on how to go about building your dream home bar. We are always here to assist you if you need any further assistance.

  1. If you want your bar space to be different – however big or small it may be, do not consider to buy off the shelf- you will bump into the same model at someone else’s house besides of course it may not meet your exact needs. Of course budget maybe a constraint but matching something with your existing decor and getting what you want – not what they want to sell you is worth it – and it is something you are going to use for years and decades. And consider this – the bar is possibly where you will be spending the most emotional moments of your life. It’s a place for memories.
  2. Second most important aspect is to have a clear idea of the space and measurements where you want your bar , so that the potential vendor can work out the possible designs that can work in the space for you to check. 
  3. The material to use is where your budget comes into play – the cost of the bar depends largely on what you want to put. You cannot compare the price with any other unit, as it will have your own personal element in it. So best is to assess the value. Mostly Moisture Resistant MDF is used nowadays. However if you would like to use pure wood keep in mind it will be almost four times costly. The other option is veneer which is peeled real wood sheets pasted on the reconstructed wood and gives you the exact wood finish with grains. The bar top and the worktop are other considerations. You can have wood, stone or metal or synthetic surfaces. Obviously there is a huge difference in pricing. Current trend is back lit onyx tops -onyx a natural stone which is translucent- cost almost AED1500/+ per square metre. Granite worktops are most common however you can keep the plain wood finish.
  4. Storage space is needed for your bottles and other accessories as well as glassware. For wine bottles, the best is to use the built in wine cages. For your spirits a closed cupboard is good enough. Provision to hang your stem glasses can save you lot of space.
  5. Equipments like bottle coolers can be integrated into the unit if required or you can place them in the back bar unit if you plan on having one. Other integrations are ice bin – if you plan to do lot of cocktails. 
  6. Utility connections – make sure you have the electrical points in the right place and if you plan to have a sink you do have the water in and out. A mobile sink is also a good option where you do not have water and drainage.
  7. Lighting – on the bar the and around is very important – your 3 D rendering of the unit will give you a good clue as to what will work best.
  8. Bar Stools – do not forget them – if you have made your bar to sit on it (usually the bar top is protruding from the base) you need matching bar stools.
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