Vacu Vin SS Pump Set of 5 - BartechCo
Vacu Vin SS Pump Set of 5 - BartechCo

Vacu Vin SS Pump Set of 5

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Hold the essence of your Wine even a long time subsequent to opening it. Stainless Steel Vacu Vin Wine Pump Set of 5 is a phenomenally convenient instrument, impenetrable component evacuates air and backs off oxidation process, reasonable for red and white Wines. Reusable stoppers empowers the direct in expelling the overabundance air from the bottle.

Place your Vacu Vin draw into the bottle over the reusable stoppers and let some circulation into, "click" sound guarantees that the air has been expelled. 2 Non dribble Wine pourer included as well, what a beautiful way to celebrate. Ideal for use in eateries, busy bar, or any venue.