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The Parisian or Parisian shaker is used around the world and is a model that many barmans prefer to traditional classical shakers for its professionalism and elegance.

Composed in two pieces, it differs by form and functionality from the boston and the cobbler. Very large and free of filter like the boston shaker, this type of shaker allows one or more cocktails to be built inside.

Before the drink is made, the container, or the bottom of the Parisian shaker, is filled with ice to allow it to cool; The top part should be positioned overhead on top of the ice so that the cooling of both components of the shaker is perfect. In this way, the Parisian shaker will isolate the liquid from the ice and allow a slower implementation of the cocktail construction, bringing the liquids poured inside at lower temperatures.

It is particularly well suited for the throwing / rolling technique, which consists of passing the liquid to be mixed and refrigerated from side to side of the shaker, thanks to the aid of a strainer to hold the ice in the deepest container during The passing of the drink.

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