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Developed by multi award winning mixologist and twice world speed mixing record holder, Paul Martin, meet the mixers best friend – the Freepour bottle. Measuring a full one litre in size the Freepour bottle will hold the entirety of most juice cartons (which also measure in at 1 litre) meaning no need to waste any, relatively expensive, fruit juice. Many of the competitors to the Freepour bottle will only hold 700-800ml, this isn’t the case with the Freepour bottle.

Ideal for quick use and designed by a professional bartender, the Freepour bottle is very easy to hold, grab, and throw around the bar – flair bartenders will be happy to hear! The screw top comes off very quickly and easy, allowing for quick and easy dispensing of fruit juice into the container on the go. Available in a large range of colours, including orange, red, blue, yellow, white, and green – many of the colours match up with a range of fruit juices, or sour mix for example – making them each mixer very easy to identify behind the bar.

An air intake hold has been added on the shoulder that prevents blockages and allows for a smooth flow of liquid from the angled nozzle, despite the thickness of the liquid being poured. This design also allows for a perfect pour, ensuring there is not a ‘glug’ in sight, which as many bartenders will stand testament too, can be really annoying when pouring fruit juices into a measure.

The Freepour bottle comes in three detachable pieces, which makes it very easy to clean and keep clean. Every piece can also go into a glass washer, which makes the cleaning process even easier, the plastic will hold up under the heat and chemicals of the glass wash and no warping should occur. These same parts are also not brittle, as a result they can withstand a fair amount of knocks and drops – however if the container is full of liquid when dropped and it lands awkwardly, splits in the plastic can occur due to the extra weight.

The detachable lid also allows the Freepour bottle to become jar shaped, when it comes to storage this means you can fit a lot more of the Freepour bottles in together and they can be stacked on top of each other. The base is designed in such a way that it will fit in all standard speed rails as well, and four should sit side by side in the side sections of your typical ice well. Discover more about the fantastically designed Freepour bottle

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