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Flair Bottle Green (XFlair) - BartechCo

Flair Bottle Green (XFlair)

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Professional bottle for Flair in anti-breaking Moplen, capacity 75 cl, weight 400 g, diameter 8 cm, height 28.3 cm. Its excellent maneuverability allows a very high performance in acrobatics. Perfectly balanced and impact resistant. The bottle has been studied to have a very high rotation speed (spin) and is particularly suitable for ultra fast flair movements. Its design avoids the interlocking of the bottle inside the boston. Equipped with a plastic pour and also adaptable to metal pour, it can be filled with sand so as to increase the weight of the bottle depending on the type of training you are doing. Useful for experimenting working flair routines, ie movements and acrobatics that are used to speed up and make the work of the barman more spectacular. A form of scenic and functional work that combines entertainment and mixing with the aim of encouraging and captivating the customer, bringing it closer to the bench. The exhibition flair is rather different, closely linked to entertainment or competition, which often becomes a distinctive element of clubs, advertising campaigns, product promotions, fairs or demonstrations. It consists in developing complex acrobatics with bottles, tin, pliers and other bar equipment, in order to create a spectacular choreography. Contrary to what you think, flair is a technique that is anything but recent. Already in the mid-800s the legendary Jerry Thomas, with his famous Blue Blazer, a scotch-based scenic drink that was inflamed from one cup to another creating a long trail of fire, entertained its customers with acrobatic skill. In more recent times Mike Werner, aka Magic Mike, perfected the techniques in the '70s and' 80s and codified some standard movements to create a new form of fast and fun work. This new system called FLAIR (twinkle) made Mike very famous. In a period in which the beverage companies in the United States were in crisis due to the drop in consumption and the ban on advertising alcohol, many turned their attention to the young acrobat barman and his captivating sales technique. His place thus became a training school for bartenders and since then the flair began to spread everywhere in the world.

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