Draft Beer Switch (DBS) - BartechCo
Draft Beer Switch (DBS) - BartechCo

Draft Beer Switch (DBS)

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Avoid all the problems and loss of beer while changing kegs . Running to the keg room to change kegs in the middle of peak time is a nightmare . Add to that the wastage of beer wastage through the tap . Use the Draft Beer Switch to keep your beer running without any wastage. The foam busters and the switch takes care of it .

  • Never Stop Pouring
  • Compact, easy to Use Width: 8.5 in/21.59 cm Height 11in/27.94cm
  • Switches Effortlessly from 12.5 Psi to 100 Psi
  • Most Comprehensive Fob On the Market
  • Easily added to any pre-built draft systems including panels

The Draft Beer Switch connects multiple kegs to dispense individually for a single line. The piston trigger system is programmed to switch to the next keg in the series when the previous keg empties, while simultaneously preventing the intermixing of keg content and contamination.

The DBS switches from the first to the second keg utilizing a Foam Control Device. Additional kegs can be added to the automated system with the introduction of DBS units.

  • Built with Engineering Grade plastics and design
  • Non-Intrusive Design
  • Improves sales productivity by keeping beer flow smoothly
  • Saves time from replacing the keg during peak hours at bar and restaurants
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduce beer waste


  • Dilute or compromise the fresh keg
  • Affect the Glycol System
  • Alter the process to clean beer lines


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