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Plain cloth masks do not do justice. The virus can seep through the cloth. Specialised coated face masks are required to ensure full protection. Feathersoft face masks made from antimicrobial/antiviral/antibacterial fabric from Birla Cellulose . It is important for a truly useful mask to have three layers:-

1. The outer can be Water Repellent Polymesh or Cotton Woven Fabric

2. The middle layer which is meltblown for microbial filtration.

3. The inner layer is antiviral/antibacterial fabric .

Feathersoft masks are reusable for upto 50 washes. Hand Wash with hand soap in lukewarm water and hang to dry. Easy fit, easy to wear and soft on the skin. The breathable soft fabric makes it easy to wear for long durations.

BartechCo in collaboration with Indian manufacturers have been successful in developing this perfect fit to keep you, your family and friends safe and adhering to the law where applicable.

To give you the best cost plus price for Antiviral Three Ply waterproof mask we have done away with fancy packaging. More so now the environment is important to save and like our masks the packaging is environment friendly.

Shipping is free anywhere in the world - but for this you might have to wait for 4-5 weeks as we use the postal service. Expedited shipping is available at a cost.

So do not wait - take the safe step and make the right choice with Feathersoft Masks.

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