Aluminum Scoop - Flat Bottom (4 oz) - BartechCo
Aluminum Scoop - Flat Bottom (4 oz) - BartechCo

Aluminum Scoop - Flat Bottom (4 oz)

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Perfect for scooping small portions of ice, candy, cereal, nuts, spices, sugar, or flour, this sturdy 4 oz. aluminum scoop features a flat bottom for an easy reach into the bottoms and corners of containers. It also stacks nicely, and the flat bottom means that this scoop will sit flat on counter tops when not in use. The scoop is a durable alternative to plastic and its sleek look and textured design make it ideal for display. Each scoop has its size stamped on the handle for instant recognition. Easy to clean and easier to use, this one piece scoop makes a useful addition to any kitchen. 

This scoop could also be used to serve and present appetizers and tasting dishes in a unique way. It rests nicely on plates, platters, and tables, while attracting customers with a unique presentation idea.