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Selection of coolers for beer bottles , cans , room bars . BartechCo bar bottle coolers can be set under your bar counter or in the back bar. Also known as bar fridge or beer cooler you can use it as a wine chiller. Our warranty and quality is the best and yet price is the most competitive.

How to choose the right bar fridge or bar cooler?

It is very easy to zero in on your requirement. 

Our bar cooler, bottle cooler, wine cooler selection process will help you choose the right bar equipment which is the most important for your bar to operate efficiently. 

1. Is it for commercial bar or home bar? Well this is not a big question nowadays as the coolers, bar fridge are similar if not same. Important to check you have the right voltage and frequency.

2. What is the capacity you are looking at? Standard are the double door coolers having a capacity of 208 litres.

3. Is it going to be placed under counter or in an open space? It is better to purchase an undercounter model as if required you can relocate it. Height below 85cm with front exhaust is required for this.

4. Sliding or Hinged Door ? If you have space in the front of the cooler then hinged door is preferred.  However if the work space in the bar is narrow the sliding door is what you need to go for.

5. Lighting and Locks - These are essential and need to check that the LED lighting and lock is there in the units.

6. Sound - It is important to check that the sound decibel is below 45 to ensure a silent operation.

7. Warranty - a three year compressor warranty is essential.

8. Usage - It is important to check the temperature range which is usually 3-10 degrees centigrade. This is important as the bar fridges nowadays are used for multi beverage storage. The bottle cooler will be used for beer, white wine, champagne, mixers. This is crucial as for home bars with smaller spaces need to optimise use specially for the bar equipments.

9. Climate - Especially in the Middle East it is important to go in for bar fridges with a T(4/5) classification. These enable operation for upto 40 degrees temperature. Of course if you are buying for the poolside or garden this is essential but even for indoors it is good to have that extra cushion.

10. Price - Last but not the list is the price - compare - check the above points -and then decide.



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