Top 5 Tools Every Expert Bartender Needs

Top 5 Tools Every Expert Bartender Needs

The art of mixing a good drink is one that is honed over years of practice. From blending to pouring, every step in between requires a level of dedication to ensure the crispest, most complex flavors are drawn out of the ingredients. However, even the best bartender would be nowhere without the highest quality tools, to transform these everyday alcohols into works of art. The best drinks poured at the bar are always part tool and part skill.

Here are the top 5 tools any bartender worth their salt should have at the ready!

- Boston Shaker

A quintessential bar staple, the Boston shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker, made up of a glass and a metal tin. It’s a multitasking powerhouse, and can be used to both shake, or stir a cocktail. The two-piece structure means that it can circulate air to well dilute the cocktail, resulting in a smoother flavor.

- Hawthorne Mezclar Strainer

With the Boston shaker, it’s also necessary to use a strainer. The strainer of choice of
bartenders around the world is the all purpose Hawthorne style strainer. Made up of a flat disk and coiled spring, it is affixed on to the side of the shaker before pouring. After shaking the cocktail, the strainer works to remove ice, pulp, or leaves that aren’t intended to be served.

- Professional Mixing Spoon

It may seem that this tool can be substituted with any standard spoon or utensil, but don’t be fooled! A normal spoon will cause disruption in the cocktail, clouding up its appearance. The mixing spoon, on the other hand, ensures the clarity of the drink with its sleek silhouette and smooth motions.

- Yukiwa Mixing Glass

The mixing glass is used for classic drinks like the Manhattan or the Pina Colada, which are stirred, and not shaken. They quickly chill cocktails, often by stirring with ice and straining with a strainer. This Japanese cut-glass vessel adds an element of beauty to the mixing process, and the durability of the material also makes it easy to handle and experiment with.

- Double Jigger

The jigger is an essential tool for rapid, precise mixing. It is a two-sided stainless steel
measuring instrument, shaped like an hourglass, often with 1 ounce and ½ ounce cups on either side. There are also jiggers in various other measurements available on the market. The jigger acts as an efficient way to measure out the exact quantities needed for most standard drinks.

While there are numerous tools to make the cocktail making experience easier, using the highest quality will give you the assurance that your drinks will also taste better. With these instruments, you’ll be equipped to tackle any request with flair, whether it’s the humble Gin and Tonic, or the more complex Rum Martinez.

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