Hoegaarden White- the beer with a difference

Hoegaarden White- the beer with a difference

Tired of your regular beer from the tap , bottle or can . Taste the Hoegaarden . Happened to bump into a bottle and curiosity got the better of me. Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel ?

Chilled pour 2/3rd in a pewter tankard swirl bottle and pour rest . Sipping into the cloudy beer gives you the feel of something different yet a beer . Before I could realise the bottle had seeped through me in a smooth transition of senses and quench. 4.95 alcohol seems to be at par with similar beverages .

Possibly the hint of coriander and orange had been blended smoothly to give a total taste yet this beer had a suitable character to stand out and make a possible choice drink for a change. With a 600 year history this is a beer that every bar tender needs to keep in his bar as the other option.


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