Draft Beer Control - Why bars say NO

Draft Beer Control - Why bars say NO

It is surprising to find the resistance towards draft beer control systems in the Middle East . We get regular queries from hotels and bars serving draft beer but very few finally get to installing the system - which is an investment and saves and pays for itself in a short time. 

The resistance towards the system comes from several quarters. Initially the query comes from the F&B manager or the Finance controller . The former would have understood that there is in need of a control system because of the difficulty in supervising constantly for the draft beer sales. The finance controller on the other hand is pulling his hair out trying to figure out the inventory of the partly used kegs and the sales wastage reported. Well for all financial reasons you have a 50 ltr keg and you serve 500ml beer per portion but you end up reporting sale of only 80-90 glasses instead of the 100 . 10-15 glasses lost per keg ? Thats a straight write off off of 10% of the product - what percentage goes as lost sales and what person wastage is anyone's guess.

Then why do the decision makers hesitate to finalise ? Cost cannot be a factor, as first of all it is in investment and it returns the investment in few months. Budget ? Cost works out to be less than 130 USD / tap thats almost something that goes out of a months marketing budget.

In due course a beer meeter system is going to be as essential as a POS system but till then we wonder why the hesitancy to control the liquid gold??

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