Buying the right wine chiller

Buying the right wine chiller

Days of stashing your wines in  bottle coolers are gone. The importance of storing your wines at the right temperature is of paramount importance for guest satisfaction. Right storage temperature and right service temperature are key to bring out the best the bottle has to offer. 

Your selection of the right wine system begins with two important questions -

1. What type of wine you will be serving ?

2. How many bottles of each you want to store?

Building up on these are other pertinent questions 

* Will you be using the storage as display? Will it be visible to the customer?

* Do you plan to serve wine by the glass? 

Once these are answered it will be easy to find the right choice - do not forget match the dimensions available with the actual dimensions of the wine chiller. From compact ones to custom made chillers to fit the whole wall - the possibility is endless.

Choices abound today at different price lines. Increasingly compressor models are being changed with the more energy conserving and silent thermoelectric models.

Dual wine chillers are widely available in different size combinations., shapes and sizes For serving by the glass - attractive display and wine preserver models are sure to attract the eye.

Price being one of the main consideration , do evaluate as just because it is highly priced does not mean it is the best and long lasting.


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