Back Bar Bottle Cooler

back bar cooler beer chiller undercounter bottle cooler

It is interesting to note that the market has been split into two product segments which is either cheaper or expensive. By whatever name you do address it - whether by brand or non branded , economical or premium , upmarket or downmarket , domestic or professional - the price difference between similar products has bewildered purchasers. However it is interesting to note that certain branded goods prices have come down over the years and are even matching the so called unbranded or lesser known brands - so actually what has been happening ? How are the prices of products reduced so much ? Is it more competitive production or days of higher margins coming to an end ? The answer is difficult to ascertain but the truth is not . At Bartechco we have specialised in equipments and accessories for bars for the last two decades - we have also started marketing under our own brand few products as the back bar coolers , blenders which we felt the end users had been paying a very high price in the market. Having been in the middle east market from the beginning we have made sure that the products live up to the harsh conditions and variable use patterns of the region . Our under counter bottle coolers widely used in the bars and cafe's are tested continuously at 43 degrees temperature for optimum performance . Our compressor has a warranty of 3 years and we use the environment friendly R600A gas . At the special price we have now till 10th of May can you get a better deal?

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